A Podcast highlighting companies doing Great Things with Great Technology
Great Things with Great Tech!


Great Things with Great Tech Podcast is aimed at highlighting technology companies doing great things with great technology. In each episode we will talk with technical leads of companies that leverage other technology to build and productize innovative solutions. We will also introduce the company with a little history and how they came to be.

About the Host

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Anthony Spiteri

Founder and Host

Anthony Spiteri is a Senior Global Technologist, working in Product Strategy and the Office of the CTO at Veeam. With a focus on Veeam’s Cloud and Service Provider products and partners, he previously held architectural lead roles at some of Australia's leading Cloud providers. Since 2002, he has worked as a hosting and cloud professional with leading service providers in Australia, helping to push the boundaries of virtualisation and cloud. At Veeam, Spiteri is responsible for generating content, evangelism, collecting product feedback, and presenting at events. With a Master’s Degree in Network and System Administration (Distinction) from Charles Sturt, he can be found blogging on https://anthonyspiteri.net or on Twitter via @anthonyspiteri.