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June 1, 2023

Shaping the future of Bare Metal-as-a-Service with Metify | Episode #…

In this episode, I'm speaking with Mike Wagner, Co-Founder & CEO of Metify, a visionary company taking the bare metal provisioning and automation industry by storm. Metify's Mojo Platform is an open-source solution that utilizes open hardware standards and a …

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May 18, 2023

Collaborative Password Management with Passbolt | Episode #65

In this episode, I'm joined by Kevin Muller, Founder & CEO of Passbolt, a company transforming how businesses handle passwords with its open-source platform that emphasizes security, transparency, and user privacy. We dive deep into the company's inception, unique security …

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May 2, 2023

Delivering Petabyte Scale Storage with Scality | Episode #64

In this episode I talk with Paul Speciale, CMO at Scality. Scality's software-based storage delivers billions of files to five hundred million users daily with 100% availability. They make standard x86 servers scale to hundreds of petabytes and billions of …

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April 13, 2023

A more Efficient, Faster and Scalable Web with Fermyon | Episode #63

In this episode I talk with Matt Butcher, Co-Founder and CEO of Fermyon. Fermyon is revolutionizing cloud computing with their serverless #webassembly platform. Pioneering the next wave of cloud computing by simplifying the deployment and management of #serverless applications with …

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April 4, 2023

Driving Cloud Innovation in AWS with | Episode #62

In this episode I talk with Adam Beavis, Managing Director at STAX. STAX developed a cloud management platform that simplifies AWS infrastructure management by deploying a controlled landing zone into an AWS tenancy. Adam and I discuss the origins of …

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March 16, 2023

Game On! The Future of AI and Machine Learning with Xyonix | Episode …

"Game On! Everything is going to change in the next three years!" - Deep Dhillon - Xyonix Co-Found and CEO In this episode I talk with Deep Dhillon , CEO and co-founder at Xyonix . Xyonix is an #AI and …

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March 1, 2023

Modern, Cloud First Managed Services with Effectual | Episode #60

Effectual focus on one thing.. .and one thing only! That is AWS Managed Services. In this episode I talk with Richard Dolan , CMO and co-founder, and John White , Chief Innovation Officer, at Effectual. Effectual provides sup...

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Feb. 9, 2023

AI Optimized Kubernetes Infrastructure with CAST AI | Episode #59

CAST AI brings resource and cost optimization and security to Kubernetes using an AI In this episode I talk with Leon Kuperman . CTO and Co-Founder at CAST AI . CAST AI specializes in cloud optimization through an intelligent...

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Feb. 2, 2023

One Broker to Rule them All! Connecting Hybrid Clouds with Leostream …

Leostream plays in the VDI space without being a VDI Company. They are all about unlocking the complexity of hybrid managed work. In this episode I talk with Karen Gondoly. CEO at Leostream. Leostream is a driver in the evolv...

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Feb. 2, 2023

Open Source Password Security for Everyone with Bitwarden | Episode #…

In this episode I talk with Ryan Luibrand , Senior Product Manager at Bitwarden. Bitwarden is an open-source password management solution for individuals, teams, and business organizations. It enables users to store, share, a...

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Dec. 22, 2022

That's How They Roll! Bare-Metal HPC For AI with Sushi Cloud | Episod…

In this episode I talk with Shauna O'Flaherty , Co-Founder and COO at Sushi Cloud. Sushi Cloud is a bare metal cloud computing company that aims to make the cloud more accessible, affordable, and understandable for everyone, ...

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Dec. 8, 2022

Catching Cybercriminals Unawares with SpyderBat | Episode #55

In this episode I talk with Brian Smith , Co-Found and CTO at SpyderBat. Spyderbat delivers cloud native runtime security to customers with unprecedented precision in intrusion prevention and mitigation. They secure Linux VMs...

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Nov. 25, 2022

Unlocking Modern Service Providers with Intervision | Episode #54

In this episode I talk with Dustin Milberg , Field CTO at InterVision. InterVision is strategic service provider focused on helping commercial and public sector organizations transform their technology strategy, improve risk ...

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Nov. 10, 2022

A better Virtualization Stack with | Episode #53

In this episode I talk with Yan Ness , Chief Executive Officer at is a single piece of hyper-converged virtualization software that makes it easy to use existing resources to create secure multi-tenant priv...

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Oct. 6, 2022

Tackling Kubernetes Complexity and Scale with Kubecost | Episode #52

In this episode I talk with Webb Brown , CEO and Co-Founder at Kubecost . Kubecost develops a cost monitoring platform to help companies manage their Kubernetes resources and costs. They provide direct integrations with Kuber...

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Sept. 10, 2022

Revolutionizing SaaS Based Data Protection with CT4 | Episode #51

In this episode I talk with Dan Pearson , Chief Technology Officer and founder at CT4. CT4 has a vision to create and distribute world-class software products that control and protect data while also translating data into mea...

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Aug. 18, 2022

Changing the Cloud Storage Game with Wasabi | Episode #50

In this episode I talk with David Friend , Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Wasabi. Wasabi provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world. It enables organizations to ...

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July 15, 2022

Episode 49 -

In this episode I talk with Gregor Frimodt-Møller Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at . Since 1998, has been helping its customers originally starting servicing Apple customers. Over time they became...

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July 4, 2022

Episode 48 - MinIO

In this episode I talk with Garima Kapoor Chief Operating Officer and co-founder at MinIO. MiniO has built a high performance distributed s3-compatible object storage solution that is software defined, hardware agnostic desig...

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June 9, 2022

Episode 47 - Seal Storage

In this episode i'm talking to Jacques Swanepoel (CTO and Co-Founder) at Seal Storage. Seal Storage are cloud storage and blockchain experts with over years of experience in enterprise data storage from the likes of Seagate, ...

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May 11, 2022

Episode 46 - StorPool

In this episode I talk with Boyan Krosnov Chief Product Officer and co-founder at StorPool. StorPool a market leading Software defined storage vendor, offering reliable and speedy storage platforms with a focus on low latency...

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April 28, 2022

Episode 45 - Functionland

In this episode i'm talking to Kayvan Sadeghi (CEO and Co-Founder) and Ehsan Shariati (CTO and Co-Founder) from Functionland. Functionland is a Web3 startup that has attracted investments of USD 1.1M+ via a heavily oversubscr...

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April 25, 2022

Episode 44 - Global Data Vault

In this episode I talk with Will Baccich , Co-founder and CEO at Global Data Vault. Global Data Vault is a leader in cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), and the backup for Microsoft...

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March 30, 2022

Episode 43 - STEP'N

In this episode I talk with Yawn Rong , Co-Founder of STEP'N. STEP'N is Web3 company that has built a Strava type lifestyle app with Game-Fi elements that is aiming to be the leading Web3 Health + Fitness application. Users …

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