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AI Optimized Kubernetes Infrastructure with CAST AI | GTwGT Podcast #59

CAST #AI brings resource and cost optimization and security to Kubernetes using an AI

Intro (0:00)
Leon Startup history and CAST AI Founding (1:39)
From e-commerce to security (3:30)
Solving a pain point from cloud costs (5:25)
Pandemic Chip Shortage leading to the need for Optimization (7:10)
Public Cloud Cost Complexity (9:00)
CAST AI as we move towards containerization and Kubernetes (9:40)
Autonomous Kubernetes (12:20)
What makes CAST AI Standout in the market through reporting and resolution (13:10)
Replacing the Kubernetes Autoscaler (15:30)
Leveraging AI for recommendations (17:51)
Resource Sandbagging and making datacenters efficient (20:48)
Saving compute equals a greener outlook (24:00)
Dealing with Security in Kubernetes (25:20)
CAST AI HELM Chart Components (30:47)
How did predicative AI and Machine Learning finds its way into CAST (31:30)
Theory on ChatGPT and other AI (33:35)
Wrap Up (38:00)

In this episode I talk with Leon Kuperman. CTO and Co-Founder at CAST AI. CAST AI specializes in #cloud optimization through an intelligent platform that reduces costs, optimizes devops, and automates disaster recovery. The platform uses an intelligent optimization engine to deliver cost efficient, high performing, and resilient infrastructure for every #kubernetes workload. Leon and I talk about how he started the company from the challenges faced in previous companies, dealing with cloud cost complexity and how overprovisioning and sandbagging of compute resources leads to inefficient operations, increased costs and how optimizing autonomously benefits the planet on a whole!

CAST AI was founded in 2019 and is based in Miami.

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☑️ Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: ChatGPT, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, Kubernetes, Docker, Virtualization

☑️ Raw Talking Points:
History and founding
Pain points leading to founding
Why Cloud Optimization
Overprovision and Sandbagging
Kubernetes and Containers
Heterogeneous approach to multi-cloud
The problem with over provisioning
State of waste
Spot instances and Automation
Kubernetes Loadbalancer
autonomous Kubernetes
Free trial and report
Data collection for ML platforms
General ChatGPT vs BARD vs Bing/Edge Search/Chat
cybersecurity background bringing learnings to Kubernetes
Green energy considerations

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- Episode 59 - CAST AI | Great Things with Great Tech
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