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Great Things with Great Tech - Episode 31 - ShapeBlue

Episode 31 - ShapeBlue | Great Things with Great Tech
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Intro (0:00)
Giles background and founding of ShapeBlue (1:32)
The boom of Cloud Management Platforms to service IaaS (6:10) and CloudStack (10:30)
OpenStack vs CloudStack (11:10)
Early pain, Citrix and Apache Foundation (13:05)
Control Plane learnings (16:50)
Community driven Open Source projects to solve issues (20:30)
Contributing to CloudStack as individual contributor employees (22:10)
ShapeBlue company profile and client base (26:00)
The shift away from VMware helping CloudStack (28:10)
Kubernetes Service in CloudStack (35:12)
Billing benefits through usage data (39:10)
New CloudStack UI (41:00)
ShapeBlues Future with the platue of productivity and CloudStack (43:35)
Wrap-up and callouts (47:20)

☑️ In this episode I talk with Giles Sirett, CEO and Founder at ShapeBlue. ShapeBlue is the largest independent integrator of CloudStack technologies globally. They design and build complex cloud, network and storage infrastructure with globally leading skills in Apache #CloudStack. Their technical team are all active contributors to the #Apache CloudStack project and a good percentage are also project committers. Giles and I talk about how ShapeBlue provides consulting, integration, training and infrastructure support for enterprises, telcos, IaaS and MSPs which allows them to deliver true, utility-based IaaS to theirs customers that is platform and hyper-visor agnostic.
ShapeBlue was founded in 2012 and is head quartered out of the London, United Kingdom.

☑️ Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned:
CloudStack, Containers, Kubernetes, VMware, VMware Cloud Director, vSphere, AWS, OpenStack, RedHat, KVM

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