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Great Things with Great Tech - Episode 40 - Filebase

Episode 40 - Filebase | Great Things with Great Tech
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Intro (0.00)
Josh background and first exposure to the power of Crypto (2:15)
Early #Decentalized Storage (4:45)
Early Versions of FileBase with SIA (5:20)
Translating from S3 to Multiple Backend Networks (6:50)
Bridging Web2 (S3 API) to #Web3 (Decentralized Storage) with FileBase (7:45)
Starting a Startup in the world of #BlockChain and Crypto (10:10)
Going beyond the cost of storage with Enterprise use cases and features (13:50)
Current state of Filebase (16:10)
IPFS and Centralized Storage examples Pinning files to the backend (18:20)
Will Public Clouds like AWS offer Decentalized Storage? (21:05)
Price of Storage from IaaS to Public Cloud to Decentralized FileBase (23:45)
Filebase Use Case with Backup Vendors for Backup as a Service (27:00)
Static Hosting with FileBase for CDN and more (28:55)
Redundancy, Access and TTFB with Filebase on Decentralized Storage (30:00)
Object Maps in the FileBase UI (33:45)
Partnerships and Education (35:00)
FileBase and Kubernetes and possible CSI (36:55)
Future Innovation and Distruption (38:40)
Wrap Up (42:30)

☑️ In this episode I talk with Joshua Noble, CEO and Co-Founder at Filebase. Filebase aim to make decentralized storage accessible and easy to use for everyone. They are doing this by building a scalable, secure and performant access layer to various decentralized storage networks, with a familiar S3-compatible interface. Josh and I talk about how Filebase is bridging storage platforms between traditional S3 based offerings and the decentralized world of Blockchain Storage. There is a reason why FileBase has been listed as one of the 10 Hottest Data Storage Startups of 2021 by CRN!

Filebase was founded in 2018 and is Head Quartered out of Boston, USA.

☑️ Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: #Blockchain, #Web3, Web2.0, Amazon, Kubernetes, Veeam, CommVault, Sia, Storj, SkyNet, Decentralized Storage

☑️ Raw Talking Points: * What is Decentralized Storage? * 3x Redundancy/Sharding/No SPOF * Backup Partnerships * How do you absorb/leverage market fluctuations? * How is this different from AWS/etc? • Pricing compared to AWS etc * Edge Layer Cache * Object Maps • Web3 Adoption / Usecases * AWS OUTAGE * Hackathon with Akash * Web2 vs Web3 - Bridging the two * SIA/Skynet/Storj

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