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Great Things with Great Tech - Episode 45 - Functionland

Episode 45 - Functionland | Great Things with Great Tech
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Intro (0:00)
How the idea for Functionland came about through friendship (2:20)
The idea of getting rid of the subscription economy with open-source blockchain (3:45)
Did Blockchain solve the problem being solved? (5:05)
Claiming a legitimate use of Blockchain technologies (8:00)
The Box... storage, compute and modular design and moving from HTTP to p2p with decentralization (9:45)
Web2 elements mixed with Web3 (15:30)
Hardware built on Raspberry Pi (18:05)
$FULA Token as a utility to supplement hosting and subscription costs (19:10)
Filecoin Hackathon by Protocol Labs leading to seed round funding (22:55)
IndeGoGo crowd funding and gaining traction and Designing the box (26:30)
Growing the community with open-source at the core (32:50)
Competitive landscape (35:10)
Wrap Up (37:00)

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☑️ In this episode i'm talking to Kayvan Sadeghi (CEO and Co-Founder) and Ehsan Shariati (CTO and Co-Founder) from Functionland. Functionland is a #Web3 startup that has attracted investments of USD 1.1M+ via a heavily oversubscribed early funding round, They are about to launch its first product which is a plug-and-play blockchain device that promises to free users from a range of online subscription services, including photo storage, file sync, secure password backups and more. Both Kayvan and Eshan talk about how this offering creates virtually limitless storage opportunities thanks to its “blockchain-attached storage” solution but unlike most Blockchain projects, there is an open-source physical platform element for storage, computing, and interconnecting with other devices.

Functionland was founded in 2020 and is headquartered out of Toronto, Canada.

☑️ Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: #Blockchain, Web3, Web2.0, Storage, Raspberry Pie, Opensource

☑️ Raw Talking Points:
Islands of storage pay with cash
Blockchain Attached Storage
Web3 alternative to cloud subscriptions
Backend and FileCoin/storage ... Web2/Web3 components
replacing HTTP with P2P
The BOX!
Designer made, modular and upgradable (TOWERS)
Module, PNP, dApp
OpenSource dApp development
Built on rPi
FULA Network protocol token? -
Mining token to pay for services open source monetizeation
The BOX is mining FULA? Sustainable?
Shared Storage and Computer
Onboard developers and opensource apps monetize web3 technologies
Filecoin hackathon
Competitive landscape?
Crowdfunding on Indegogo
Communities and growth hacking
Security? Data etc
Seed Funding 1.1 Million

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