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Great Things with Great Tech - Episode 52 - Kubecost

Episode 52 - Kubecost | Great Things with Great Tech

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Intro (0:00)
Seeding Kubecost while at Google (1:50)
Solving the problem of Kubernetes complexity and scale (4:10)
The state of Kubernetes adoption (5:30)
Production workload evolution on Kubernetes (8:00)
What is Kubecost and OpenCost (9:15)
Patterns of overspending (11:55)
Increased complexity of distributed computing (16:30)
Awareness of cost through visibility and insights (19:40)
A 2005 example of cost (21:55)
OpenCost CNCF Opensource Project (23:10)
Opensource project and Kubecost vs OpenCost (25:00) modelling (26:55)
Kubecost Plan Structure (29:20)
AWS Partnership (33:25)
On-prem vs Public Cloud Kubernetes (35:00)
Will cost optimization platforms be a think in the future? (37:20)
Wrap Up (39:15)

In this episode I talk with Webb Brown, CEO and Co-Founder at Kubecost. Kubecost develops a cost monitoring platform to help companies manage their #Kubernetes resources and costs. They provide direct integrations with Kubernetes cloud billing APIs leading to cost optimizations for key Kubernetes metrics. Webb and I talk about how Kubernetes relative complexity and scale driven by those that develop applications means that cost can blow outs will happen if you fly blind. Kubecost looks to embrace open-source via the CNCF providing the project which forms the base for Kubecost. We also have a great discussion on the state of Kubernetes and how he sees adoption trending.
Kubecost was founded in 2019 and is Head Quartered out of San Francisco, California.

☑️ Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Kubernetes, Containers, #CNCF, AWS, S3, DevOps, PlatformOps

☑️ Raw Talking Points:
Mass adoption of Kubernetes?
Relative immaturity and complexity of Kubernetes at scale
Why is cost and overspend an issue
The patterns for overspending
Orphaned resources
Abandoned workloads
Rogue Deployments
Incorrect Usage Types
Over provisioning
What is Kubecost solving
What is vs kubecost? CNCF Project
Definition of Team?
Cost Allocation, Unified Cost Monitoring, Optimization Insights, Alerts and Governance
Insights in Kubernetes spend and chargeback for teams
Actionable Recommendations
Cost Efficiency and Health scores and the gamification
Time vs resources vs Cost
Defining costs not in the Public Cloud
Pricing based on nodes with Always Free plan
AWS Marketplace Partnership
AWS first party support optimized

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