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Great Things with Great Tech - Episode 56 - Sushi Cloud

Episode 56 - Sushi Cloud | Great Things with Great Tech
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Intro (0:00)
Shauna's background in AI/ML and what led up to the founding? (1:36)
Alienware roots with co-found Aron (3:10)
The price of doing AI/ML and compute for cloud or on-premises (4:15)
Hyperscaler monopoly as the default option and choice? (7:12)
Sushi Cloud Focus Customers, Mid-market Startups and Education (8:20)
Targeting AI/ML for compute training and being anti-AWS(11:10)
Bare metal compute and tech specs (11:50)
Provisioning with APIs (15:50)
Available compute locations and strategy (16:20)
AMD #EPYC Processors (19:30)
Thoughts on #ChatGPT (21:30)
No Egress charges and WASABI parallel and anti-trust in cloud (24:10)
Public Cloud Exodus? (28:12)
Being 78% Cheaper than AWS and challenging their model (30:00
Disrupting the market (33:00)
Bootstrapping and anchoring the company (35:10)
The future for Sushi Cloud through partnerships and resellers (36:20)
Wrap Up (37:30)

In this episode I talk with Shauna O'Flaherty, Co-Founder and COO at Sushi Cloud. Sushi Cloud is a bare metal cloud computing company that aims to make the cloud more accessible, affordable, and understandable for everyone, with no hidden fees or agendas. The company was founded by Shauna O'Flaherty, who has a background in consulting and AI-driven fintech, and Aron Saether Jackson, a 20-year veteran in the hardware industry. Sushi Cloud aims to provide an alternative to the large hyperscale cloud providers, such as AWS, by offering bare metal infrastructure and a focus on customer service. The company aims to serve startups and small to medium-sized businesses and the education market focusing on AI/ML workloads. Shauna and I have a great conversation about how Sushi Cloud want to break the trend of the public cloud hyperscalers exploiting the market while offering no price competition.

☑️ Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Microsoft, AMD, AI, ML, Service Provider

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