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Modern, Cloud First Managed Services with Effectual | GTwGT Podcast #60

Effectual focus on one thing.. .and one thing only! That is #AWS Managed Services.

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In this episode I talk with Richard Dolan, CMO and co-founder, and John White, Chief Innovation Officer, at Effectual. Effectual provides support to commercial enterprise and public sector customers in their IT modernization journey. The company has a unique philosophy of combining operations, #development and #automation to deliver positive outcomes and unlock the power of cloud to maximize technology investments. Richard and John discuss how Effectual modernized itself through past experiences and focuses solely on Amazon Web Services. A deeply experienced and passionate team of problem solvers apply proven methodologies to business challenges across Amazon Web Services and VMware Cloud on AWS.
Effectual was founded in 2019 and is head quartered out of New York.

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☑️ Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: AWS, VMware, VMware Cloud on AWS

☑️ Raw Talking Points:
End-to-End Modernization Services
Business Outcomes
Digital Innovation
IT Cost Optimization
Cloud Migration Services
Modern Cloud Management
What is a Chief Innovation Officer
Cloud Service Provider,
What is Born in the Cloud?
Cloud Native
On-Prem to Cloud
State of VMware?
Migrations and Natives Services
new breed of service provider with experience
multi-cloud vs AWS Only

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